PayPerse provides a Big Data Services Platform optimized for mobile payment services. PayPerse collects and analyzes all data, including purchase data generated at the time of payment, in order to provide an in-depth and accurate insight regarding the markets and customers to our clients companies.
PayPerse’ Big Data Service Platform
Complete End-to-End Solution & Service Delivery
Our Big Data Platform optimized for client’s mobile payment services is based on engineering excellence,
software and business analysis, solution design and full software implementation for the entire
lifecycle of software stacks.
As we understand our client’s business, we believe in thorough research, careful planning and
continuous development to create an Big Data Platform that adapts and grows with our clients.
Our Big Data Platform provides complete solutions & services our clients need to do big data business
· Mobile POS App for data generate and aggregates
· Mobile Wallet solution for big data delivery
· Big Data Platform for data analysis and produce data service contents
  • Mobile POS Applications
    Supports most business management functions provided by typical POS application, collects big data generated by every payment and converts it into EMVco standard compliant QR code. It is free for merchants.
  • Mobile Wallet
    Provides an existing mobile wallet app update solution so that QR code scanning function of existing mobile wallet can support PayPerse’ big data business logic. We can provide a complete mobile wallet app upon client’s request.
  • Big Data Business Platform
    The Big Data Platform supports various programming languages from SQL queries to R and Python that are widely used in big data analysis. It can be provided in on-premise or cloud.
Using PayPerse Online & Offline Mobile Payment
Dynamic QR Code & customers initiate payment transaction
Fully compliant with EMVco merchant presented QR code standard.
Our Big Data Platform can be seamlessly integrated with the mobile payment service systems that
client is already operating.
Our Big Data Platform does not cause any learning stress to users
because it has the same UX/CX as existing QR code-based mobile payment services.
Our Big Data Platform does not require merchant and customer to have any dedicated hardware devices
other than general purpose network terminals such as smart phones, tablet, and PC, etc.
PayPerse is GDPR compliant, and as your trusted provider, we are committed to supporting your GDPR-compliant use of the PayPerse platform.
We welcome GDPR as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to data protection and privacy rights.