Our Service

Using PayPerse Online & Offline Mobile Payment
Dynamic QR Code & customers initiate payment transaction
Fully compliant with EMVco merchant presented QR code standard.
PayPerse solution accumulates payment information and a great deal of data generated
at the time of making payment with QR code,and then when customer scans the QR code, the payment
information and data are automatically delivered to the banks’ payment system and big data service platform
without any additional interventions customer’s or merchant’s.
How Can We Collect The Big Data?
  • STEP 01
    Customer Place Order
  • STEP 02
    Merchant Presents a
    QR code to Customer
  • STEP 03
    Touch “Pay”
    Does not require any additional involvement from customers. The customer’s experience is the same with the existing other QR code-based mobile payment service.
  • STEP 04
    Do More with PayPerse
    PayPerse’ solution can be integrated and interwork with the existing mobile payment service system without any change or modification on the existing payment processing system.
Data Analysis Services We Providing
Customer Intelligence Analysis
Pinpoint the most valuable target customer segments to you & your client's business with PayPerse' Customer Intelligence Analysis.
PayPerse' Customer Intelligence Analysis provides accurate and precise customer analysis that you have not experienced.
PayPerse' Customer Intelligence Analysis service clients - i.e. enterprise - will be able to find customers attributes, actions and
purchasing behavioral patterns, etc., and can earn insights which customers or groups of customers are drives results.
Business & Market Analysis
PayPerse's Business & Market Analysis service provides a wide range of analytical services from city - to - country wide.
PayPerse' Business & Market Analysis service clients - i.e. enterprise, government, research org. - can earn accurate and precise insight
on market's current status and future trends.
Target Marketing
Target Marketing services based on Customer Intelligence Analysis provide recommendation services that satisfy both Target Marketing services
client - i.e. enterprise and Customers & Merchants.
With PayPerse's Target Marketing services, enterprises can maximize marketing effectiveness while saving money and time.
Why PayPerse?
Grow Customer Relationships, Empower Merchant Business and Your Mobile
Business With Your Mobile Service Platform
  • Customer
    Stress free learning process, customers can enjoy hyper-personalized mobile service - e.g. Wishful product / service recommendation from merchant, purchase history management, discount coupon service, etc.
  • Merchants
    Without EMV/PCI certified POS terminal, merchant can provide mobile payment service to their customers using PayPerse' FREE mobile POS App. The mobile POS App provides high quality business management feature for merchant in order to help merchant to expand their business.The mobile POS App can be installed at almost any Android smartphone, Android POS terminal, iPhone, and Windows POS terminal.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
    Without investing hardware device - i.e. POS terminal - by integrating PayPerse system with the existing mobile payment platform, banks & financial institutions can do big data business : The new revenue source from mobile business.
  • Enterprise
    Banks & financial institutions Can provide detail and accurate insight on target market and customers that help enterprise successfully do a business
PayPerse is the Last Puzzle
to Complete Your Payment Service