We Make Our Customers Do Advanced
Big Data businesses Easily and Efficiently
The data-analytics revolution is now under way to transform how companies organize, operate, manage talent, and create value. It starting to happen in many companies but it's still far from the norm. It is because the only people who can drive the business changes - i.e. CEOs, executives - need to fully exploit advanced analytics, tend to avoid getting dragged into the esoteric solution.”
The complexity of the methodologies, the increasing importance of machine learning, AI and the sheer scale of the data sets make it tempting for senior leaders to "leave it to the experts."
Advanced data analytics is a quint essential business matter. That means the CEO and other executives must be able to clearly articulate their purposes and then translate them into action - not just in an analytics department, but throughout the organization where the insights will be used.
We provide data analysis platform and services that are easy to use to anyone from data scientists to CEOs, while providing powerful data analysis environments and capabilities.
Be a PayPerse Team
At PayPerse, we focus on providing the best possible solutions and services, helping our customers do successful businesses with great ideas. We succeed when we help our customers provide delightful experiences for their users. There are no small parts or minor players. You'll work on a team that owns a project from end to end, and contribute ideas that make a difference in the final product, no matter your seniority. We highly value teamwork and initiative. You'll have freedom to take risks, try new things and tackle problems. We are eager to help you figure things out or actualize on your idea. We collaborate across teams, departments and offices. We're here to make a lasting impact, build world-class solutions & services, and create a community that benefits people around us. We do this by following laws, acting honorably and ethically and treating each other with respect.
  • Take All the Time You Need
    In addition to a competitive salary, equity in what you're building, and we offer more benefits, such as an regular & irregular vacation policy.
  • We Help You Grow
    We encourage and support your professional growth no matter what you have done in your career. We invest in your development with a great job, first and foremost. Moreover we also give you all the resources you provide to expand your professional acumen (books, classes and conferences, etc.).
  • Be a part of the bigger community.
    We are engaged with various like-minded people whenever possible. You'll have the opportunity to take part in industry conferences, meetups and a-thons-aplenty.
  • Freedom and flexibility
    We don’t care about 9-to-5 or face time or work from home. We trust our team to get work done and do it well.