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Pay-at-table system helps your table turn faster, increases table spend and more tips for your staff.

Upgrade your Payment, Upgrade your Service.

By allowing customers to pay at their table, the restaurant can streamline the payment process and increase turnover, leading to more revenue. Customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to pay at their own pace and not having to wait for a server to bring the bill, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Scan QR code

Your customers will open their smartphone camera and scan the QR code. The camera will automatically recognize the QR code and opens the checkout page.

Review order

Customer can now, view and place an order or pay their bill, depending on what options the restaurant offers through their QR code system.

One-tap pay

Customer will be able to choose from a variety of payment methods such as Credit Card, Paypal, Debit Card and also including one-tap options such as Google Pay or Apple Pay,.

Reciepts sent

Now restaurant will receive a payment confirmation on their waiter app or POS. This can be used by the restaurant to keep track of orders and payments to ensure that all transactions are processed correctly.

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Because your customers will love it and QR code can help your restaurant Save Time, Boost Efficiency, and Delight Your Customers ! 

With PayPerse, you can choose to receive orders directly in over 25+ POS or utilize our powerful system to manage all your digital and offline orders. This streamlines your operations and eliminates the hassle of manual order management.

Yes, with PayPerse, you can add your menu to the platform for customers to access and place orders. You can easily upload and manage your menu items, prices, and categories, and keep them up-to-date as needed.

We will do the payout 2X Faster than Competitors with our quick 2-Day Payouts and even offer optional instant transfer option.

Onboarding process is straightforward and streamlined, with a focus on getting customers up and running as quickly as possible. In most cases the process should take no longer than 7 days from signing the contract to having the system fully integrated and ready for use.

PayPerse helps restaurants with a range of services, including their own website, app, online ordering, reservation, and point-of-sale (PoS).